Sedation at THE dentist

We do everything to take special care of all our patients and pride ourselves in our delivery of painless dentistry – EVERY TIME.

Anxious Patients

At THE dentist, Salisbury we have a special interest in caring for anxious patients and will do everything possible to make your visit to us as stress free as possible.

All of our clinicians are highly trained and well versed in dealing with nervous patients. Fear of pain and dental treatments is a major deterrent to the acceptance of dental care today and produces a heightened anxiety in many patients. But did you know that with the advances in modern dentistry virtually all dental care could be completed without any discomfort to the patient.

Total Relaxation

We understand that visiting the dentist can be very stressful for some. The availability of conscious sedation ensures that those of you who might otherwise hesitate to attend a dentist can do so without any worries.

A drug called Midazolam can be given by mouth and/or in your arm, which alters your state of consciousness and relieves your anxiety to enable you to enjoy your visit to the dentist without any worries.

Once your treatment is complete, you can relax in our private lounge until you are ready to be taken home.

Stress-free dentistry

Stress Free

We have a lot of clients who worry about gagging or choking during treatment. We completely understand and have even experienced the fear ourselves. We have a variety of methods to ensure you remain totally calm throughout your visit with us.

We are pleased as punch to say that many of our patients report feeling excited about the prospect of arriving at their desired outcome and retrospectively actually enjoyed their experience at THE dentist!

To find out more about the dental therapies for Anxious Patients please call our friendly team on 01722 413 513.

Conscious Sedation

Sedation is a common and safe procedure used to reduce anxiety. The sedative drug we use will make you feel calm and relaxed and you may fall into a natural type of sleep. You will be able to communicate with the dentist throughout but you will probably not remember parts, if any of the treatment. This is not the same as having a general anaesthetic, but to many patients it feels similar.

Once treatment is complete you will be able to rest in our private lounge until you are ready to go home. With that in mind, you will need an escort to take you home and stay with you whilst you recover.

Your Sedation Team

Alison Harris BDS 1982, DPDS (Eng) (GDC reg. no 57328)
Aly studied dentistry at Kings College, London. She owned a successful private practice in London for 17 years before relocating to Wiltshire. Aly has a special interest in looking after anxious patients and is a trained sedationist. She has a Certificate in Dental Sedation and Pain Management from University College London and a Diploma in Dental Postgraduate Studies from Bristol. Aly accepts private referrals from many dental practices to provide treatment under conscious sedation. She attends numerous post-graduate courses to further her knowledge and keep up to date with current sedation techniques. Any spare time is spent with her children, dogs and paintbrushes!

Amanda Jacques, RDN OHE (GDC reg. no 110321)
Amanda loves her work and considers herself lucky to have been working as a dental nurse since 1995. Amanda first qualified in dental nursing at Bristol Dental Hospital and subsequently furthered her career to gain post qualifications in dental sedation nursing and oral health education. Amanda enjoys playing a large part in our patients journey and comfort. In her spare time she enjoys going for long uninterrupted walks on a weekend with her family and much loved pet dog Coco.

  • “They are always happy and smiling. Nothing is too much trouble.”

  • “Thank you once again! (cant believe i’m going to say this) cant wait to see you all in six months”

  • “Calm, reassuring, gentle pain free treatment. I cannot recommend this practice enough.”

  • “I was so scared and extremely phobic of going to the dentist – but not any more!”

  • “Aly and her team are simply the best. I would not even consider using anyone else.”

  • “Excellent treatment with great care.”

  • “Calm, reassuring, gentle pain free treatment. I cannot recommend this practice enough.”

Stress-free dentistry in the heart of Salisbury

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